Marsha Mellow is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season Two. There are only 100 of her made.


Favourite Hobby:

Camping Out around the fire

Your friends would describe you as...

A real softie who doesn't like the heat! She loves sleeping out under the stars. Sweet Dreams!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Choco Lava

Where do you hang out?

Limited Edition

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Her friends say:

"She's a real softie!"

Best Friend:

Choco Lava

Loves to:

Tell stories by the campfire


"Let's play s'more!"


Marsha Mellow is a golden, glittering marshmallow. She has tiny marshmallows for arms. She is covered in a heavy coating of glitter.

There are no variants of her.


  • Her name is a pun on the name "Marsha" and the word "marshmallow."
  • The Shoppie Marsha Mello is named similarly to her.