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Margarina is an Exclusive Shopkin from Season One. She is included in the Small Mart playset along with La'Lotion.


Margarina is a green tub of margarine that reads "margarine" in yellow letters and has two yellow flowers pictured on it. There is a butter knife with a red handle scooping margarine out of her. On the back of her is a white 'swoop' covering half of her.


  • Her name is a pun on the food "margarine" and a girl's name "Rina".
    • However, her name could also be a pun on the girl's name "Margarita".
    • Since she is the food margarine her name can also be a pun on "margarina", the Spanish word for margarine.
  • Her catalog art and figure are green, while her static art portrays her as yellow.
    • Her shoes in art and figure are also green, while her static art depicts them blue with yellow flowers.


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