Macy Macaron is a Lil' Shoppie from the Happy Places Kitty Kitchen. Her theme is macarons.

There is also a version of her for Season Eight.


Macy Macaron is an olive-skinned girl with lilac eyes. She has mint hair with lilac decorations. She wears a purple dress with a macaron-shaped skirt and yellow details. She has knee-high yellow socks and light purple shoes.

Her full-sized doll gives her much longer hair with added purple streaks. Her hair is pulled up into a coiled ponytail with a pink headband with three macarons on it. She is wearing a striped purple and blue dress with yellow short sleeves, a heart emblem on the chest, and a layered purple and white lacy skirt. She has light blue stockings with a pink Eiffel Tower print on one of her legs, purple shoes with light yellow heels and a pink heart-topped ribbon on them.


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