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(The episode starts with Lippy Lips and Kooky Cookie making paper hearts.)

Lippy Lips: Don't you just love today? It just fills your heart with love! Yup! Nothing can ruin the mood I'm in!

Slick Breadstick: Lippy!

Lippy Lips: What is that?

(Slick Breadstick starts talking and the girls take a look at the window.)

Slick Breadstick: Oh Lippy! You're as beautiful as french toast! With lips as red as.... bithroats! *laughs* Will you be mine? Say you'll be mine!

Lippy Lips: No way!

Slick Breadstick: Kooky! Oh Kooky!

(Kooky sticks her tongue out and both of the girls closes the window through a curtain.)

Slick Breadstick: Sacre bleu! Could I be losing my charms?

(Meanwhile, Strawberry Kiss is sticking paper hearts to an aisle and a heart fell out.)

Strawberry Kiss: Oopsy! *picks the heart and turns around* Aaahhhhh!!!

Slick Breadstick: Bonjour mosiree! Would you give mwa! The pleasure of dinner?

Strawberry Kiss: I'm not hungry.

Slick Breadstick: But valour! All of these signs are pointing to you and I together you'll feel it too!

Strawberry Kiss: No!!!

(Strawberry walks away.)

Strawberry Kiss: This needs to stop!

Lippy Lips: I agree!

Strawberry Kiss: He doesn't look like he'll give up anytime soon!

Kooky Cookie: Uhh... what if we ask him out?

Strawberry Kiss and Lippy Lips: What?!

Lippy Lips: No! She's right and I've got just the plan! *laughs evily*

Strawberry Kiss: Soo..are you going to tell us this plan?

Lippy Lips: Oh, right. Well....

(The three girls huddle.)

Slick Breadstick: Where are all my beauties gone?

Lippy Lips: My little toasty snuccumbs! Won't you sing for me again?

Slick Breadstick: Well, hello there sweetie! I know you could not resist these charms!

Kooky Cookie: No, me! Mwa! Mwa! Mwa! Mwa!

Slick Breadstick: Ahhhh!

Strawberry Kiss: Doey bear!

Lippy Lips: He's mine!

Strawberry Kiss: No, he's mine!

(The three girls kissed Slick.)

Slick Breadstick: Ladies, ladies! Come down! Oh no! I must flee before their love from mwa destroys us all! Hurry for my liiiiffffeee!!!!

(The three girls laugh.)

Slick Breadstick: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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