Lolli Poppins is a rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season One.


Lolli Poppins: As sweet as can be! She loves smiling and making Shopkins laugh!

Favourite Hobby:


Your friends would describe you as...

As sweet as can be! I love smiling and making Shopkins laugh!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Candi Cotton

Where do you hang out?

In the sweets section

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info


Sweet, but a little hard to get along with

Bad Habit:

She's stuck in her ways.


Lollygagging around

Best Friend:

Candi Cotton


"I'm no sucker!"


Lolli Poppins is a dark pink lollipop on an aqua stick, which is tied with a yellow bow.

Her variant is a light green lollipop on a white stick, which is tied with a dark pink bow.

In artwork and in her Radz candy dispenser incarnation, she is depicted as a blue and red-swirled peppermint lollipop on a striped blue and white stick, which is tied with a light green bow.

There are two exclusive variants included in the Food Fair Blind bags. The first one is a pink lollipop fading into orange on a green stick with a green bow. The other one is a blue lollipop fading into white on a magenta stick with a yellow bow.

There are also two exclusive variants from the Halloween Blind Bags. The first one features her as a purple lollipop on a black stick with an orange bow. The second one features her as a translucent green lollipop on a purple stick with a pink bow. The lollipop glows in the dark.

There is also an exclusive variant of her from the Mystery Edition #3 pack. This variant features her as a light pink lollipop on a red stick with a purple bow. She is lightly coated with glitter.



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