Lola Roller Blade is a rare Sport Shopkin from Season Five.


Lola Roller Blade: A wheelie fast scootin’ boot who loves to rock 'n' roll and is a bit of a shoe-off!


Lola Roller Blade is a red roller blade with a yellow strap, turquoise wheels, and a white frame.

Her variant is a pink roller blade with white wheels and a light blue frame.

There are also two variants of her from the Season Five Christmas Blind Baubles. The first variant features her as a white fading to blue ombré roller blade with metallic silver wheels.

The second variant features her as a red roller blade with green wheels and a gold frame.


  • So far, the collector's tool art for all shoe Shopkins has featured them from an aerial view so you can see their face. Lola is the first shoe Shopkin to be drawn from the side with her face obscured.


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