The Lil' Shoppies are a spin-off line of Shoppies originally released in August 2016 as part of the Happy Places
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In August 2016, ten Lil' Shoppies were released. Six Shoppies, Kirstea, Sara Sushi, Rainbow Kate, Spaghetti Sue, Melodine and Lippy Lulu, were released in "Lil' Shoppies Packs". Three more Shoppies, Coco Cookie, Jessicake, and Bubbleisha, were released in "Welcome Packs". Popette was released with the Happy Home playset.


Each Lil' Shoppie comes with one doll stand and a various amount of Petkins depending on what type of pack they come in. The characters from the regular Lil' Shoppie packs come with two exclusive Petkins, while the characters from Welcome Packs come with over ten Petkins and two tiles.


Season One

Happy Home

Puppy Parlor

Kitty Kitchen

Dreamy Bear

Bathing Bunny

Season Two

Sparkle Hill Happy Home

Kitty Kitchen

Kitty Dinner Party

Dreamy Bear

Bear Slumber Party

Mousy Hangout

Bathing Bunny

Bunny Laundry

Puppy Parlor

Puppy Patio

Happy Home Pool & Sun Deck

Season Three

Bearry Fun Convertible

Happyville High School

Grand Mansion

Cosy Bear Bedroom

Pretty Kitty Dining Room

Sporty Bear Gym

Gourmet Kitty Kitchen

Princess Kitty Dance Hall

Pampered Puppy Theatre

Mousy Art Class

Hungry Puppy Cafeteria

Bright Bunny Science Lab

Clever Kitty Classroom

Sparkle Happyville High

Cinderella Bedroom Theme Pack

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Kitchen Theme Pack

Belle Dining Theme Pack

Cinderella Vanity Theme Pack

Minnie Mouse Waffle Kitchen Theme Pack


  • Although their official release date was August 1, 2016, the Lil' Shoppies dolls were released one week early in some stores.
  • Pam Cake, Pirouetta, Pineapple Lily, Gemma Stone, Marsha Mellow, Zoe Zoom, Coralee, and Pinkie Cola are yet to be made into Lil' Shoppies.

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