Lil' Blaze is a rare Surprise Party Topkin from Season Seven.


Lil' Blaze: Can be a little hot headed! Sometimes a bit hard of hearing, tends to get a lot of wax in her [sic] ears.


Lil' Blaze is a top tier of a birthday cake with a white cake and plum frosting. He also has five royal blue candles on his head.

His variant is a top tier of a birthday cake with a yellow cake and orange frosting. He also has five pink candles on his head.


  • As shown in the webseries, he has a crush on Apple Blossom.
    • It is possible that she might like him too.
  • Tiara Sparkles calls him "Little Blaze" in the Shopkins Cartoon, as "Lil'" is not proper for her.
  • He can be stacked on top of Becky Birthday Cake and Bree Birthday Cake to form a three-layered birthday cake.
  • He is erroneously referred to as a "her" in the Characters section of the Shopkins World website.