Jennifer Rayne is a rare Shoes Shopkin from Season Three.


Favourite Hobby:

Splashing in puddles

Your friends would describe you as...

Always up to her ankles in trouble. Loves to splash out on her friends.

Your Shopkins BFF:

Taylor Rayne

Where do you hang out?



Jennifer Rayne is a blue rain boot with a yellow sole and a pink umbrella decal on her side. She also has 2 pink raindrops on her side.

Her variant is a yellow rain boot with a pink sole and a blue umbrella decal on her side. She also has 2 blue raindrops on her sides.

There is an exclusive variant of her included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition. This variant is neon orange with a yellow sole.

There are also two variants of her from the Christmas Blind Baubles. The first variant features her as a red rain boot with a green sole.

The second variant features her as a sky blue fading to white ombre rain boot with a green sole, a green umbrella decal, and 2 green raindrops on her side.


  • She matches Taylor Rayne in appearance.
  • Her static art lacks the raindrops and umbrella on her.


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