Jen Jug is a rare Homewares Shopkin from Season Five.


Jen Jug: Always cool headed when things start to heat up. Jen Jug can handle any situation without flipping her lid!


Jen Jug is a gold water jug with a blue handle and a blue top that has diamond decorations.

Her variant is a blue water jug that fades to light yellow at the top, which has diamond decorations. She has a yellow fading to blue handle.

There are also two exclusive variants of her from the Season Five Christmas Blind Baubles. The first variant features her as a red water jug with a green top and a green handle. The top has diamond decorations on it.

The second variant features her as a blue water jug with a white and silver top and a white handle. The top has diamond decorations on it.


  • Some original Jen Jug toys have a red stripe separating the yellow from the blue. The reason for this is unknown.
  • She is the first jug-based Shopkin, and the second being Judy Jug from Season Six.
  • Her eyes appear lop-sided in her Collector's Tool artwork.