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Jascenta is a Lil' Shoppie that was released with the Cozy Bear Bedroom Welcome Pack as part of Happy Places Season Three. In June 2018, she was released as a Shop Style! Shoppie. She matches the Shoppet Sweetie Scents.


I’m sweet, scent-sitive and I make every room bloom. I love to spend time with my Shopkin bestie Peyton Perfume who likes to say that I smell as sweet as I look!

Happy Places Bio

Happiness is... having a room full of perfume! Sweet and Scent-sitive, Jascenta fills her bedroom with an aroma designed for sweet dreams. She loves to make the room bloom with her pretty Petkins so that it looks as good as it smells!


  • Her name is a combination of the girls' name "Jacenta" and the word "scent" in reference to her perfume theme.