This is a page about Ice-cream Dream from Season Two. If you are looking for the page for Ice Cream Dream from Season One, click here.

Ice-cream Dream is a common Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season Two.


Favourite Hobby:

Chilling out in her own cone

Your friends would describe you as...

A little bit drippy but never loses her cool. I'm always cool, cone and collected!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Ice-cream Dream and Waffle Sue

Where do you hang out?

Sweet Treats

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Best Friend:

Waffle Sue

Pet Peeve:

Brain freeze


She can be a bit drippy.



Prized Possession:

A sterling silver scoop


Ice-cream Dream is an pink ice cream cone with chocolate ice cream inside. She has blue sprinkles on top of her head with some of her ice cream dripping off her sides.

Her variant is a orange ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream inside. She has pink sprinkles on top of her head with some of her ice cream dripping off her sides.

There are two variants of Ice-cream Dream included in the Food Fair. One variant features Ice-cream Dream as a red ice cream cone with green and white ice cream inside.

The other variant features Ice-Cream Dream as a yellow ice cream cone with blue and red ice cream inside.


  • Ice-cream Dream shares the same name as Ice Cream Dream from Season One. However, Season Two Ice-cream Dream has a hyphen between ice and cream while Season One Ice Cream Dream does not.
    • She is also the second ice cream Shopkin to be made, the first being Ice Cream Dream.
  • Ice-cream Dream's bio says her best friends are Ice-cream Dream and Waffle Sue. That may have been a typo on the Shopkins website, as it is supposed to be referring to the Season One Ice Cream Dream.


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