Handbag Harriet is a common Accessories Shopkin from Season Four.


Former bio: Carrying on with her friends!

Current bio: A little cutie who can handle anything. Always out to bag a bargain and loves to get carried away!


Handbag Harriet is a hot pink handbag that fades to blue at the bottom. She has a yellow lace trim and bow, and a pink beaded handle.

Her variant is a blue handbag. She has white lace trim and a pink bow, and a pearl handle.

She has two Easter Egg variants. The first is a bubblegum pink handbag. She has purple lace trim and a sky blue bow, and a purple beaded handle. The second is a yellow handbag. She has blue lace trim and a baby pink bow, and a yellow pearl handle.

A special variant of her is included in the Precious Jewels Collection, which is similar to her original blue variant, only with a gold crown on her handle and a different facial expression.