Gigi Gift is a common Shopkin from Season Seven. She is included in the Surprise Party team.


Gigi Gift: She's always wrapped to be invited to any party and loves watching unboxing vids online. She's such a giving Shopkin.


Gigi Gift is a blue present with white polka-dots. She has purple feet and a gift tag hanging from a yellow ribbon. She wears purple lipstick.

Her variant is an orange present. She has green feet and a gift tag hanging from a pink ribbon. She wears pink lipstick.

Another variant of her is included in the Season Seven Collector's Case. This variant is a pink present with a gift tag hanging from a blue ribbon. She has pink feet. This variant glows in the dark.


  • She was previewed in the All Star Collection pack.
  • Her toy has eyebrows, but her Collector's Tool artwork does not.