This article is about the episode transcript. If you're looking for the episode, click here.

(The episode starts with Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate who seem to be climbing a "mountain".)

Apple Blossom: Not too far to the top, Cheeky!

Cheeky Chocolate: Good! It's a loonng way down!

Strawberry Kiss: You guys can do it! Just don't do anything silly!

Apple Blossom: What did Strawberry say?

Cheeky Chocolate: She said to do something silly!

Apple Blossom: Okay! Hiiyaa!!

(Apple and Cheeky threw snowballs to each other while climbing.)

Strawberry Kiss: What are you doing? *gets hit by a snowball* I said don't be silly!!

Apple Blossom: Oh, okay.

Cheeky Chocolate and Apple Blossom: *exhales three times*

Cheeky Chocolate: Huh.. I can't go on!

Apple Blossom: *slowly* We couldn't pass this anyway. We're stuck high up a mountain. So cold! So tired!

Cheeky Chocolate: I'm so tired I'm hearing things!

Apple Blossom: No! Ah- I heard it too! What is it?

(The smoke faded and revealed that it's Kooky Cookie at the top.)

Apple Blossom: In the sky! Is that, Kooky?

(Kooky jumped into the freezer.)

Kooky Cookie: Um.. why are you crawling along the freezer?

Apple Blossom: The three of us have been climbing a mountain!

Kooky Cookie: Three?

Apple Blossom: Uhh.. where's Strawberry Kiss?

Strawberry Kiss: *while frozen* Huh huh huh huh!! So, So cold!!!

Apple Blossom: *while melting Strawberry Kiss* Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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