Fria Froyo is a Shoppie originally released in a Lil' Shoppie Pack for the Happy Places Puppy Patio theme.

In January 2018, a full-sized version of her was released as a Shoppies Core Doll. This version of her matches the Shoppet Snow-Fro.


Happiness is sharing a FroYo with her berry best friends! An angel of sweetness, Fria is always ready to go the extra step to make sure that things run smoothly. The Puppy Patio is her Happy Place to chill with her Petkin playmates!


Fria Froyo is a light-skinned girl with blue eyes and light pink lips. She has lilac hair with bangs, styled in a bun which has strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream around it. She wears a white and pink halter neck dress with yellow straps, white wings, a yellow belt, and other yellow details. She wears yellow platforms with yellow bows with strawberries decorating them along with knee high ribbons.