Fiona Fries is a common International Food Shopkin from Season Three.


Favorite Hobby:

Hanging out with Cheezey B.

Your friends would describe you as...

She's a fast food who's always on the go! A real high fryer. With a heart of gold, she is always chipping in to help out!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Cheezey B.

Where do you hang out?

International Food


Fiona Fries is a pink box of golden-colored French fries. A blue label is on the bag, and has an 'S' on it, which stands for 'Shopkins'.

Her variant is a red box of yellow French fries. A white label is on the bag, and has a 'S' on it, which stands for 'Shopkins'.

There is an exclusive variant of Fiona Fries included in a Super Shopper pack. This variant is a teal box of orange sweet potato fries with a pink label.