This article is about the episode transcript. If you're looking for the episode, click here.

(The episode starts with Lippy Lips greeting everyone outside the Fashion Spree Boutique.)

Lippy Lips: What a beautiful morning it is..... for FASHION!!!!!!!! Morning everyone!!!!!

Cheeky Chocolate: This wasn't the adventurous camping trip I've had in mine.

Toasty Pop: Yeah. Why are we here, Lippy?

Lippy Lips: Shady Diva is back in Shopville unveiling her new hat collection!! Aren't you excited??

(Everyone didn't react and seemed sleepy.)

Lippy Lips: Guys, can you atleast try to not embarass me this time?

(Shady comes out of the Fashion Botique.)

Shady: Hello! Huh, darlings! *gasps* Toasty, you beautiful creature! Is that you? Why on eath are you waiting in this line? Come, my darling!

Toasty Pop: Uhhh, what about my friends?

Shady: Ugh!!! It is far too bright outside to be judging your friends. Come! All of you! Quickly!

(Everyone gets in.)

Shady: I'm so glad you are here, darling! You, are the inspiration behind my latest creation!

(Lippy wears a toaster-shaped hat.)

Lippy Lips: Don't I look fab??

Toasty Pop: Aaah! TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pops out toasts* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheeky Chocolate: Uhh, Toasty, that's just your reflection.

Toasty Pop: Oh.

Shady: So, my darling, will you change your mind and travel the world with me? You'll get all the free clothes in every month!

Toasty Pop: No thanks! I'm already wearing the real thing. What about Lippy dressed as me?

Shady: Still, maybe not. Very well, darlings. I'm off again-

(Shady sees Kooky wearing a butter hat.)

Shady: *gasps* Never have I laid eyes on such beauty!

Lippy Lips: Oh, you have got to be kidding me! *toasts pop out*

(The three laugh.)

Toasty Pop: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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