Erica Eraser is a special edition Stationery Shopkin from Season Three.


Favorite Hobby:

Performing magic - loves to make things disappear!

Your friends would describe you as...

Loves it when others make mistakes. A real problem solver and loves to right wrongs.

Your Shopkins BFF:

Penny Pencil

Where do you hang out?



Erica Eraser is a pink and teal eraser with a light pink vertical stripe cutting through the two colors.

Her variant is an aqua and red eraser with a white vertical stripe cutting through the two colors.

Both versions feature a polished finish.

She is also included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. This exclusive is a green and pink eraser with a yellow vertical stripe cutting through the two colors. This version does not feature a polished finish.


  • The CT art portrays the vertical color stripe the same color as the outline of the bottom color, rather than the special color it is.


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