Donatina is a Shoppies doll released in December 2015. She is included in the Donatina's Donut Delights playset. She is the donut themed Shoppie.

In 2016, the character made an appearance in the Chef Club series, with a different face sculpt, outfit and hair. 

In June 2017, a World Vacation variant of her was made for Season Eight Wave Three.

In January 2018, a Wild Style version of her was released. This variant corresponds to the Shoppet Duncan and the Sweet'n'Squishy Tribe.

In August 2018, a new version of her was released with the Lil' Secrets line.


Donatina - Happy-Dough-Lucky!

Life's a "hole" lot of fun for Donatina! With her head in the clouds, she's a "happy-dough-lucky" kinda girl who samples more donuts than she sells! As sweet as pink frosting, she's always 'round to help her friends!

Favorite Hobby: Dough-cart racing!

Shopkins BFF: Daisy Donut & Rolly Donut

Favorite place to shop: Donatina's Donut Delights


Donatina is a fair-skinned girl with big, brown eyes. The original version has pink hair that is pulled into two buns with some hair hanging down and framing her face. In addition to this she also has bangs that are two-tone pink and a yellow headband with three donuts on it. She is wearing a light pink shirt with a blue collar, brown buttons, and a brown ribbon tied around her waist. She is also wearing a pink tulle skirt, white tights, a pink bracelet, and pink mary-jane shoes with pink ribbons.


Included with Donatina are four mini donut Shopkins, two donut Shopkins, a blue donut comb, a VIP card, a donut cart, a clear doll stand, and a pink donut purse.

Her Chef Club version has the same accessories except for the purse, now have Dippy Donut and Chrissy Cream as the Shopkins and have a different look.


  • Donatina is the first Shoppie to have a closed-mouth smile, two toned hair, straight-across bangs, and leggings.
  • Official Shopkins social media accounts sometimes misspell her name as "Donutina."
    • Additionally, the Shopkins World website has referred to her as "Donatella."
  • Her hat mimics the famous Krispy Kreme donut store paper hats.
  • Her name is a pun on the food, "Donut" and a girl's name, "Tina."