This article is about the Season Four Shopkin Dolly Donut. If you're looking for the Petkin Dolly Donut from Season Five, click here.

Dolly Donut is a rare Bakery Shopkin from Season Four.  


Dolly Donut: I'm a sweet looking Shopkin but I'm really sugar free! Donut tell anyone!


Dolly Donut is yellow-orange donut with bright blue frosting. 

Her variant is a brown donut with yellow frosting.

There is an exclusive variant of Dolly included in the season four re-release of the So-Cool Metallic Fridge. This variant is a yellow donut with dark violet frosting.

There is an exclusive variant of her included in the Shopkins Season 4 Mystery Edition pack. This exclusive is a pink donut with blue frosting and orange sprinkles.


  • Her right eye in her collector's tool artwork has two small lines coming from her eye towards the center. This is most likely a mistake.
  • She has the same exact name as one of the Bakery Petkins from Season Five.
  • She is almost identical to Daisy Donut, with the only difference being Daisy Donut has sprinkles.
    • Her Mystery Edition variant has sprinkles like Daisy Donut, though.