Dinky Drink is a special edition Petkin from Season Four.


Dinky Drink: A big thinker for a little drinker! Always overflowing with ideas! I'm not just Awesome... I'm Strawsome!


Dinky Drink is a purple cup of a yellow drink with an orange straw. She has a cat snout and blue cat ears, as she is a Petkin.

Her variant is a teal cup of a brown drink with a brown straw. She has a cat snout and yellow cat ears.

There is an exclusive variant of Dinky Drink included in the Season Four re-release of the So-Cool Metallic Fridge. This variant features Dinky Drink as a teal cup of a pink liquid with a pink straw. She has a cat snout and pink cat ears. She is translucent with a glittery finish.

There is a Mystery Edition #2 exclusive variant of Dinky Drink. This variant of Dinky Drink features a yellow cup of a white drink with a gold straw. She has a cat snout and dark pink ears.


  • Her name is listed as "Dinky Drink" on the collector's guide but she is also listed as "Drinky Drink" on the online collector's tool.
  • In her collector's tool art, she appears to be tilted, but neither variant of the toy is tilted.
  • In the CT art for her Glitzi variant, her eyes are a completely different shape that also lack the white part behind the pupil. Her face also lacks a chin, whiskers, and a tongue.