Dennis Bat is a common Sport Shopkin from Season Five.


Dennis Bat: Highly strung and sometimes tense but always ready to rally for a good cause!


Dennis Bat is a pink tennis racket/bat with white strings. He appears to be holding a blue tennis ball.

His variant is a white tennis racket/bat that fades into green and has white and green ombré strings. He appears to be holding a pink tennis ball.

He also comes with the Glitzi Collector's Case. This version is a magenta tennis racket/bat with teal strings. He appears to be holding a yellow tennis ball. He is coated in glitter.


  • The fact that his name is Dennis Bat refers to the fact that in some parts of the world, people call tennis rackets bats.
  • His name is a pun on "tennis bat" and the boys' name "Dennis."
  • His Collector's Tool artwork portrays his face as entirely netted, while there is a patch of blank for his face on his figure.