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Cutie Cars are small Petkins vehicles that were released in July 2017. The Limited Edition cars are the Fashion Cars. They come with exclusive mini Shopkins.


Season 1

Season 1 Cutie Cars include:

  • Cupcake Cruiser
  • Choc Chip Racer
  • Strawberry Speedy Seeds
  • Popcorn Moviegoer
  • Donut Express
  • Sundae Scooter
  • Lemon Limo
  • Peely Apple Wheels
  • Traveling Taco
  • Banana Bumper
  • Motor Melon
  • Frozen Yocart
  • Ice Cream Dream Car
  • Jellybean Machine
  • Lollipop Soft Top
  • Hotdog Hotrod
  • Zoomy Noodles
  • Jelly Joyride
  • Milk Moover
  • Bumpy Burger
  • Wheels Wishes

Fast 'n' Fruity Collection

  • Orange Rush
  • Kiwi Cutie
  • Zappy Pineapple

Candy Combo Collection

  • Candi Combi
  • Mint Sprinter
  • Candy Heart Car

Freezy Riders Collection

  • Soft Serve
  • Strawberry Scoupé
  • Zippy Popsicle

Bumper Bakery Collection

  • Happy B. SUV
  • Choc-Cherry Wheels
  • Rainbow Rider

Super Stylish Limited Edition Cars

Drive Thru Diner

  • Wizzy Soda


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