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Cutie Cars are a spin-off line of Shopkins which includes small die-cast vehicles which have animal faces on them. The first series of Cutie Cars was released in July 2017 while the second season of Cutie Cars was released in January 2018. Each car comes with an exclusive mini Shopkin.


Most of the Cutie Cars come in a single pack which includes one car, one mini Shopkin, and a collector's guide. In addition to single packs, there are also three packs which include three cars, three mini Shopkins, and a collector's guide. One Cutie Car from each three pack is an exclusive character who has a unique mold while the other two Cutie Cars share the exact same mold as a Cutie Car from a single pack. Also, there is one play-set thus far which comes with an exclusive Cutie Car and mini Shopkin.

Season One

Season One Cutie Cars include:

Fast 'n' Fruity Collection

Candy Combo Collection

Freezy Riders Collection

Bumper Bakery Collection

Super Stylish Limited Edition Cars

Drive Thru Diner

Season Two

Season Two Cutie Cars were released in January 2018. They include:

Precious Ride Limited Edition Cars

Pretty Performers Collection

  • Scooty Tutu
  • Zippy Lippy
  • Melody Moover

Speedy Style Collection

  • Street Sneaker
  • Cruisey Cap
  • Sunny Sedan

Dessert Drivers Collection

  • Fruity Zoomer
  • Cherry-Pie Chaser
  • Banana Split Trip

Breakfast Beeps Collection

Season Three

Season Three Cutie Cars were released in July 2018. They include:

  • Bumper Balloons
  • Cheesy Rider
  • Pearly Whirly
  • Nacho Nacho Van
  • Coconut Car
  • Raspberry Roadster
  • Wheely Musical
  • Roadie Yogurt
  • Choc Top
  • Fairycake Racer
  • Ketchup To Me
  • Zippy Dippy

Wedding Wheels Collection

  • Wedding Wagon
  • Ringo Car
  • Blossom Buggy

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