Cupcake Queen is a Limited Edition Shopkin who was originally released in Season One. There are only 100 of this variant produced. In Season Nine, she was released as a rare Shopkin from the Color Change Cuties Tribe.


Cupcake Queen: Super sweet and a keeper of the peace! 

Ultimate Collector Guide's Info

Favorite Color:



Hosting grand balls

Favorite Accessory:

A crown of frosting

Prized Possession:

Red-velvet slippers

Dreams About:

Becoming royalty                                                                                                                                   


Cupcake Queen is a metallic golden cupcake with white frosting and pink sprinkles. She wears a golden crown and golden bow on her head. In her hand she holds a pink scepter with a pink apple on top.

In her static artwork, she is depicted as having pink eyes (purple in the Shopkins Cartoon), blue frosting with both pink and yellow sprinkles, and a fully golden scepter.

In Season Nine, she was re-released with a Wild Style look. This variant makes her a light yellow cupcake with light blue icing that has dark blue spots. She wears a dark pink bow and a yellow tiara with a paw print on it. She has a yellow scepter in her hand. When dipped in hot water, some of the spots on her icing turn light pink.


  • The Cupcake Queen Cafe playset seems to be named after her.
  • She looks very similar to Cupcake Princess, a Season Six Shopkin.
    • In fact, she might be related to her.
  • She has a upper-class British accent in the webisodes.
  • The concept sketch for her static artwork looks similar to her CT artwork but she appears to be facing more left.


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