Cupcake Queen is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season One. There are only 100 of her produced.


Cupcake Queen: Super sweet and a keeper of the peace! 

Ultimate Collector Guide's Info

Favorite Color:



Hosting grand balls

Favorite Accessory:

A crown of frosting

Prized Possession:

Red-velvet slippers

Dreams About:

Becoming royalty                                                                                                                                   


Cupcake Queen is a metallic golden cupcake with white frosting and pink sprinkles. She wears a golden crown and golden bow on her head. In her hand she holds a pink scepter with a pink apple on top.

In her CT artwork, she is depicted as having pink eyes, blue frosting with both pink and yellow sprinkles, and a fully golden scepter.

In her cartoon artwork, she is depicted similar to her artwork, except that her shoes are pink, her bow is pink, and her eyes are violet.

There are no variants of this character.


  • The Cupcake Queen Cafe playset seems to be named after her.
  • She looks very similar to Cupcake Princess, a Season Six Shopkin.
    • In fact, she might be related to her.
  • She has a upper-class British accent in the webisodes.
  • The concept sketch for her static artwork looks similar to her CT artwork but she appears to be facing more left.


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