Cupcake Princess is an ultra rare Bakery Shopkin from the Cupcake Princess recipe in Season Six.


Cupcake Princess: A treat fit for royalty. Cupcake Princess rules the kitchen. She deserves the title: "Sweetest Cupcake Ever!!"


Cupcake Princess is a cupcake with a teal wrapper and pink and white frosting. She has a white frosting bow, a purplish-pink tiara, and pink and white sprinkles which are depicted as blue and pink in artwork. She is holding a pink apple scepter and is sitting on a purplish-pink plate.

There are no variants of her.


  • She bears a striking resemblance to the Season One Shopkin Cupcake Queen, and could possibly be related to her.
  • Her static art only has a single tier of white frosting on the bottom, while her CT art and figure have the white frosting elevated to part of the second tier as well.


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