Cream E. Cookie is an ultra rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season Three.


Cream E. Cookie: A real worry. Crumbles under pressure and usually comes apart in the end!


Cream E. Cookie is a brown Oreo-like sandwich cookie with beige cream in the middle.

Her variant is a yellow Oreo-like cookie with chocolate cream in the middle.

There are also two exclusive variants from the Food Fair blind bags. The first one is a brown sandwich cookie with pink cream in the middle.

The other one is a magenta sandwich cookie with blue cream in the middle.

Two variants of him were released in the Food Fair Season 2 lunchbox blind bags as well. The first variant makes him a half-fuchsia and half-light orange sandwich cookie.

The second variant is rather similar, making him a half-lavender and half-orange sandwich cookie.


  • The original version of the toy resembles a classic Oreo, the variant a Golden Oreo, and one of the Food Fair variants a strawberry Oreo.
  • Her name sometimes is shown as "Cream E Cookie" which lacks the period after the initial "E."