Cornell Mustard is a common Pantry Shopkin from Season Two.


Favorite Hobby:

Solving mysteries

Your friends would describe you as...

He's hot stuff! A little squirt with big flavor who can make any hot dog a little hotter!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Bart Beans

Where do you hang out?



Cornell Mustard is a yellow mustard bottle with a red label.There is a blue label that reads 'mustard' and a yellow 'S' which stands for 'Shopkins'. On his head is a red squirt cap. He has a brown mustache and a golden monocle over his eye.

His variant is a pink mustard bottle with a green label. There is a yellow label that reads 'mustard' and a pink 'S' which stands for 'Shopkins'. On his head is a blue squirt cap. He has a black mustache and a pink monocle over his eye.


  • His name is an allusion to Colonel Mustard, one of the characters in the classic mystery-solving board game "Clue."
  • His static art portrays his monocle as a magnifying glass.
  • His static art also seems to read "Mastard" on the bottle instead of "Mustard".


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