Cocolette is a Lil' Shoppie from the Dreamy Bear category in Season Two of Happy Places. She was also released as a core doll in February 2017.


Happiness is having a choice of chocolates to make her sweet dreams come true in the dreamy bear bedroom! Soft centered and a real treat to be with, one visit to Cocolette's place is never enough, her friends always come back for more!


Cocolette is a dark skinned girl with yellow eyes and cherry lips. She has long, dark brown hair with bangs and pink tips, styled in a high ponytail. She also has a large light pink bow. She wears a brown dress shaped as chocolate squares with chocolate drizzle down one side, pink sleeve caps and a turquoise heart in the bottom corner. She has light pink tights and brown, chocolate drizzled shoes.


  • Her name is a pun on the food "chocolate" and the girls' name "Colette."
  • On the artwork for the full-sized doll, Cocolette is depicted with earrings. Her doll, however, does not have earrings.


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