Cindy Bon is a common Bakery Shopkin from Season Four.


Cindy Bon: A super little sweetheart whose life is always in a swirl! No wonder she looks glazed over!


Cindy Bon is a pale orange cinnamon bun with white icing. She is holding a blue cinnamon stick in her left hand.

Her variant is a red velvet cinnamon bun with strawberry icing. She is holding a yellow cinnamon stick in her left hand.

She has two Easter Egg variants. The first one is teal and has orange icing, and carries a pink cinnamon stick. The second is pink with yellow icing and carries an orange cinnamon stick.


  • Her name is a play on "cinnamon bun" and the name Cindy.
  • Her name is mispelled on the Shopkins Collector's Tool as Cindy Bun.
  • Instead of her original collector's tool artwork, one of her Easter variant's artwork is shown next to her bio on the offical Shopkins website.