This article is about the episode transcript. If you're looking for the episode, click here.

(The episode starts with Cheeky Chocolate doing martial arts with an ice cream stick.)

Cheeky Chocolate: Hayaa! Hayaa! Hayaa! Hayaa!

Apple Blossom: Hey Cheeky! What are you doing with all these ice cream sticks?

Lippy Lips: Are you going to do the limbow under?

Cheeky Chocolate: Nope. Something even cooler! I'm gonna karate chop them!

Lippy Lips: Okay. That is cooler!

Cheeky Chocolate: Huwaa! Hu! Hiyaa! Hu! Huwaa!

Apple Blossom: Um.. wouldn't it be better to start at one then work your way up from there?

Cheeky Chocolate: Pfffff! I'm a karate expert!

Apple Blossom: You are?

Cheeky Chocolate: Watch and learn! Hayyyaaaa-aaaaah!

Apple Blossom: Are you okay?

Cheeky Chocolate: *while in pain* Fine!

Apple Blossom: Well it looked pretty painful!

Cheeky Chocolate: Hayyyaa! Oooh!

Apple Blossom: That looked painful too!

Cheeky Chocolate: No pain! Because I'm a karate expert! Haayyya!!

Lippy Lips: Aw!

Cheeky Chocolate: All good! Hayyyaa-ah!

Apple Blossom: Ouchy!

Cheeky Chocolate: Hayyaaa!

Lippy Lips: And.. that was so hand to hand!

Cheeky Chocolate: Hayyaa!! Aw! Aw! Ouchy! Okay! I admit! I'm not a karate expert!

(All four ice cream sticks broke.)

Cheeky Chocolate: Because I'm a karate master! Hayyaa!

Apple Blossom: Wow! She really did it!

Lippy Lips: Wow!

(Cheeky ran into another isle while saying "Hayyaa!")

Cheeky Chocolate: Aw! I am never doing that again! Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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