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(The episode starts with Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, and Spilt Milk with a shopping basket.)

Apple Blossom: Okay, Spilt Milk! You've got to the end of the aisle to grab as much as you can!

(Spilt Milk understands.)

Cheeky Chocolate: And... go!

(Apple and Cheeky push the basket while Spilt Milk thinks about choosing things.)

Spilt Milk: Uh... cereal? Uh... hair spray? Um... tuna fish? Uh... toilet paper?

(Apple and Cheeky stop pushing the cart.)

Apple Blossom: What did you get?

Spilt Milk: Um...

(Apple and Cheeky look at the empty shopping basket.)

Apple Blossom: Nothing?

Spilt Milk: I couldn't decide. Another turn?

Cheeky Chocolate: And... go.

(Apple and Cheeky turn the basket around and push the basket again.)

Spilt Milk: Um... too squishy! Ew... too squashy! Ooh... too healthy! Too donut-y!

(Apple and Cheeky look in the basket again, but only see a grasshopper.)

Cheeky Chocolate: You know you're meant to fill the basket, right?

Spilt Milk: Uh, I know, I know. This time I will definitely choose lots of things!

Cheeky Chocolate: And... go!

(Apple and Cheeky push the basket once again.)

Spilt Milk: Uh... what to grab??

Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate: Woahh!

(Apple and Cheeky lose control of the basket when many groceries are put in it.)

Spilt Milk: Look at all the things I got!

All: Oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah, uh uh!

(Suddenly, grocery items fall from the basket and soon after, Spilt Milk drops down.)

Spilt Milk: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)