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Chloe Flower is a Rare Fruit & Veg Shopkin from Season Two.


Favourite Hobby:

Leafing through the newspaper.

Your friends would describe you as...

A bit of a hippy, I'm all about 'Flower Power' but I'm loyal to the end! I never leaf my friends behind!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Rockin' Broc

Where do you hang out?

Fruit & Veg

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info



Leafing through the newspaper

Bad Habit:

Stalking out of a room when she's angry

Best Friend:

Rockin' Broc

Personal Hero:

Florets Nightingale


"Let's veg out!"


Chloe Flower is a white cauliflower with green leaves.

Her variant is a yellow cauliflower with light green leaves.


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