Chelsea Charm is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season Three. There are only 2,500 of her produced.


Favorite Hobby:

Hanging with my BFF

Your friends would describe you as...

Has a strong heart and will be your bestie forever! This little Charmer will never break your heart!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Ticky Tock

Where do you hang out?

Limited Edition


Chelsea Charm is a heart shaped friendship charm with green trim. She is shown to be broken into two halves, although she is one piece. Each side has one green gem and the word 'BFF' on it. Most of her is translucent while she is metallic on the outside.


  • So far, she is the only Shopkin of one character who has two noses and mouths, but this only applies to her static art.
  • Her static art and catalog art portray her as silver-colored, while her figure is green.