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Cheeky Cherries are common Fruit & Veg Shopkins from Season Four.


Cheeky Cherries: Cheeky and cheery, when we put our heads together we can do anything! We are always blossoming with ideas!

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info


Double Trouble

Known For:

Finishing each other's sentences

Favorite Colors:

Black and red

Best Friend:

April Apricot


Maraschino Mamas


Cheeky Cherries are a pair of red cherries bound together with a green stem. One cherry is winking while the other is not.

Their variant is a pair of red and yellow rainier cherries bound together with a green stem. 

They have two Easter Egg variants: One is pink cherries with a blue stem and darker pink ombré. The other is blue cherries with pink ombré on their tops and a pink stem.


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