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(The episode starts at the Small Mart, with Apple Blossom introducing)

Apple Blossom: Greetings and welcome to Shopville! We're in the Small Mart, and this, this is the Shopkins leap off! Ready?

Cheeky Chocolate: Ready. Cheeky Chocolate is go!

(Cheeky jumps from a bag of flour, gets punched through the checkout, and lands perfectly)

Apple Blossom and Kooky Cookie: Wow!

Cheeky Chocolate: Beat that, sports fans!

Apple Blossom: You wanna go next, Kooky?

Kooky Cookie: Uh uh. No thanks.

Apple Blossom: Then I guess it's me.

(Apple did the same as Cheeky did, but she's in a different pose while being punched at the checkout)

Cheeky Chocolate: Cool! Apple Blossom, the game is on!

(The two did the same but different poses each time they get punched)

Apple Blossom: Are you going to do it Kooky?

(Kooky accepts)

Apple Blossom: Don't forget to get a good run up!

(Kooky did a lot of tricks after jumping but the string she's on got cut and she landed on the checkout imperfectly and Apple and Cheeky laughed at her.)

Kooky Cookie: Check ya later!