Check It Out
Ep 1--Check it Out
Episode Number One
Preceded By N/A
Succeeded By Acting Up
"Check it Out" is the first episode of the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

In this episode Cheeky Chocolate and Apple Blossom try to get Kooky Cookie to come out of her shell, but will she make the jump in the Shopkins Leap Off? Watch to find out! 


Cheeky Chocolate and Apple Blossom have fun jumping on a bag of flour and bouncing over the check out in Small Mart and try to get Kooky Cookie to join in on the fun. After much hesitation, Kooky finally makes her jump... Which turns out to be the biggest of them all!


  • At the beginning of the episode, the bite taken out of Kooky's head is on her left side, but during the episode it changes to her right side.
  • Some of the audio from this episode is used in the Shopkins Top Trumps app.


For a full transcript of the episode, click here.



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 1 "Check it Out"01:37

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 1 "Check it Out"

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