Chatter is a rare Homewares Shopkin from Season Three.


Favorite Hobby:

Talking, talking, and talking.

Your friends would describe you as...

Loves to have a chat and is a very good listener. Her dream is to get married. She is always wanting to be engaged and keeps looking for the perfect ring!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Mobile Mary

Where do you hang out?



Chatter is a red rotary telephone with an light blue dial and silver phone cord.

Her variant is a white rotary telephone with a aqua dial and purple phone cord.

Included in the Go Shopping! card game is an exclusive variant of Chatter that is teal with a red dial, red phone cord, and red bottom.

She is also included in the Target exclusive Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. This exclusive is a pink rotary telephone with a pink dial and a yellow phone cord.