(Shopkin Name) is a (Rarity) (Team) Shopkin from Season (Number of Season). If the Shopkin is from the Food Fair or Fashion Spree, what pack were they sold in?


Favourite Hobby:


Your friends would describe you as...


Your Shopkins BFF:

(BFF) (Also, please put brackets around the name of the Shopkin so that it will link to their page like [ [ this ] ] but without the spaces)

Where do you hang out?


Official bios are found at . DO NOT make up your own bios for Shopkins!!

New Bios

The format of the bios have since changed into one sentence. For Shopkins that came out before December 2015, use the old format. For Shopkins that came out after December 2015, use the simpler new format which is simply:

(Shopkin name): Sentence that describes them.


What does the Shopkin look like? What do its variants look like? Is the artwork of the Shopkin different than the toys?

If you don't know what gender pronouns (he/she/it/they) to use for the Shopkin, you can make it up based on how you feel or you can use gender neutral it/they pronouns. Don't get mad if the Shopkin's gender doesn't agree with what you think it is, they're just toys, after all. They can be whatever gender you want!!


Is there anything interesting about this Shopkin that people might not know? If it's an obscure food, what actually is it? Is this Shopkin's name/appearance a reference to anything?

Put each tidbit of trivia in bullet points.


Pictures of this Shopkin--their toy, their collector's poster artwork, etc. (These pictures must be of official products. Don't add more than one picture of each variant, please!)


Yes, you need categories to make it easier to find Shopkins similar to whatever Shopkin's page you're looking at. The categories you'll need are:

Shopkins (because this is a Shopkin, after all!)

Its team

Its rarity

Its season

What happens if you don't follow this?

I'll undo your edits and you'll be vaporized into a pile of dust. :P

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