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Carmel Sauce is an exclusive Season Five Shopkin sold with Pippa Popcorn, Kelly Kernels, Poppino, Butter Bob, and Popette's Popcorn Stop.


Carmel Sauce is a yellow jar of caramel sauce with a white stripe and a red lid. There are three yellow cubes of butter on her as a label. She is holding a spoon in her left hand.

There are no variants of her.


  • Her name is a pun on "caramel sauce" and the female given name "Carmel".
  • She bears a slight resemblance to Gran Jam from Season One.
  • She is the only Shopkin included in Popette's Popcorn Stop that does not have an ombré effect.
  • Her static art gives her a label, while her figure is solid colored. However, the three caramel cubes on her are still depicted.


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