Cara Carrot Cake is an ultra rare Bakery Shopkin from the Carrot Cake recipe in Season Six.


Cara Carrot Cake: Golden in color and golden in taste, her Midas touch adds a little color to any dish she's involved in.


Cara Carrot Cake is a red carrot cake with white frosting and a pinch of gold shavings. She is holding a carrot in her right hand and is sitting on a blue plate.

There are no variants of her.


  • Her name is very similar to Carrie Carrot Cake, a Season Two Shopkin.
  • The Midas touch referenced in her bio is a reference to the Greek myth of King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold.
  • The golden color and taste in her bio might be a pun on 24 carat (carrot) gold.
  • Despite being a carrot cake, she resembles a red velvet cake more.


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