Buncho Bananas is a common Shopkin from the Banana Smoothie recipe in the Breakfast team and the Banana Split recipe in the Sweets team in Season Six.


Buncho Bananas: Always a bunch of fun to be around. Super helpful. Will bend over backwards for you!

Updated Ultimate Collector's Guide (Vol. 3) Info

Buncho Bananas- Buncho Bananas may have a thick skin, but inside, he's just a big ol' softie. He loves monkeying around, but never wants to hurt anyone's peelings!

Dreams About:

Living to a ripe old age.

Signature Dance Move:

Going Bananas

Known for:

Always wearing sunscreen. He peels!

Favorite Vacation Destination:

Anywhere with a hammock.

Favorite Animal:

Yellow Labrador.


Buncho Bananas is a yellow bunch of three bananas that fade to green at the top. There is a brown stem at the top of him.

There are also two variants of him in the Food Fair series 2 lunchboxes. The first variant makes him a yellow fading to orange bunch of bananas.

The second variant makes him a light green fading to yellow-orange bunch of bananas.


  • A similar-looking banana Shopkin was depicted on the back of Season One and Two packs, though it is not likely to be the same character.
  • He was confirmed to be a male Shopkin in episodes of the webseries. The webseries contradicted most of his website bio, making him a ruckus-causer and easily distracted.
  • His Collector's Tool artwork colors his feet a different color than his body while they are the same color as his body on his figure.


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