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(The episode starts with Apple Blossom reporting.)

Apple Blossom: *coughs* We interrupt this Shopkins episode with a special report. Shopville is in chaos after a major traffic accident. We go to Cheeky Chocolate with more.

Cheeky Chocolate: Chaos indeed, Apple Blossom! Some presumed maniac spilt over *Spilt Milk appears* a defenseless shopping basket. It is still unknown who or what caused this tragedy, but we will *Spilt Milk jumps at the spilled grocerries* keep our eyes open for this "Shop Villain".

(Spilt Milk tries to escape.)

Apple Blossom: And now, live from the freezer it's Kooky Cookie with the weather.

Kooky Cookie: *while shivering* C-c-c-cold!

Apple Blossom: Thank you Kooky for that descriptive report! We now go live to Strawberry Kiss who is about to report something amazing!

Strawberry Kiss: What? Me? A-amazing?

Apple Blossom: Yup!

Strawberry Kiss: But, but, I didn't prepare anything!

Apple Blossom: Our audience is waiting!

Strawberry Kiss: Um.. um!

(Strawberry cries strawberry jam.)

Apple Blossom: Amazing! Strawberry Kiss can cry strawberry jam tears! Who knew? And now, a word from our sponsors.

Sponsor: New Chee Zee cheese! Now available in pink! Not actually available in pink!

(The gang is now altogether, Kooky licked Strawberry's tear, and Spilt Milk is still trying to escape.)

Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, Kooky Cookie, and Strawberry Kiss: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)