Bonnie Beret is a common Hats Shopkin from Season Three.


Bonnie Beret: Beret small and beret sweet. She's a little French hat from a stylish boutique!


Bonnie Beret is a yellow beret hat with red feet and a red bow.

Her variant is a magenta beret who has aqua feet and an aqua bow.

There is an exclusive variant of Bonnie Beret included in a Super Shopper pack. This variant is a teal beret with lavender feet and a lavender bow.

There are two exclusive variants of Bonnie Beret from the Fashion Spree blind baskets. The first one is a purple beret with a blue bow and blue feet.

The other one from the Fashion Spree blind baskets is a green beret with a red bow and red feet.

There are also two variants of her in the 2017 Easter basket blind packs. The first variant makes her a light pink fading to deep pink beret with a light purple bow.

The second variant makes her a hot pink fading to light pink beret with an aqua blue bow.


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