Blushy Brush is an exclusive Shopkin from the Fashion Spree. She is included with Mindy Mirror in the Makeup Spot playset.


Blushy Brush is a silver and blue make-up brush with pastel pink bristles that are blue at the tips.

There is also a variant of her from the Shopkins Glamour Squad pack. This variant features her as a purple and yellow make-up brush with pink bristles. She is lightly coated with glitter.


  • She is one of the only Shopkins to have three finishes in one.
  • Her static art gives her lips, which her figure and CT art lack.
  • Her catalog art and static art have her beauty mark on separate sides of her face, while her figure lacks it entirely.
  • Her static art colors her band light silver, while it is blue on her figure and CT art.


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