• SPKRULZ123

    My wiki

    October 7, 2018 by SPKRULZ123

    I made a wiki called Shopkins art wiki, but it only has 2 pages!!!! I need more ideas!!!! Come to the wiiki to post fan art!!!! Here's the link My wiki is here

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  • Rainbowclue


    October 7, 2018 by Rainbowclue

    Welcome back to wikia! Enjoy!

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  • Twinkle spark6

    hello shopkins WIKIA!

    September 29, 2018 by Twinkle spark6

    hi guys,you may have seen me on the dc super hero girls wikia (which is the first wikia fandom i had joined anyways so) i am new to the shopkins wikia so yeah uhm i am a big fan of shopkins i have 30+ shoppies,13 happy places figures 100+ shopkins 8+playsets and shopkins merchandise like bags pencil cases pencils etc.anyways so yeah here are some of my favourite shoppies! in no patricular order:

    1.marsha mello

    2.pinkie cola

    3.peppa mint


    5.pippa melon


    7.pam cake

    8.lippy lulu


    10.tippy teapot

    11.gemma stone



    14.blossom apples

    • 15.sara sushi OH and i love bridie
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  • ShopkinzSurprise


    September 28, 2018 by ShopkinzSurprise

    Hey guys now today my Instagram account has been reported by a user and now false information has been spread, so I am not sure what to do, I had an idea of blocking all the haters and keeping my account private. 

    Not sure if I should put hate on them or just leave them alone.

    Now some rudeness is going on me now on wiki and Instagram so please help me anybody.

    Watermarks will now be on all my photos on Instagram now.

    If you want to know who the haters are just ask me.

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    The Shopkins Life

    September 8, 2018 by SPOTTY ME

    The picture of this episode:

    Episode 1: Meet the Shopkins Life Part 1 and 2 

    Episode 2: Bagel Billy gets messed up

    Episode 3: Miss Twist Shopvilles

    This video of this episode:(Coming Tommorow)

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  • Novi stars

    Hi everyone ! I'm sure all of you know about the Chandelia Special Edition shoppie doll. If you haven't than, WHERE WERE YOU THIS WHOLE TIME ?!?! Anyways, today I went to Toys R' us (In Canada BTW, I know all the Toys' R Us stores in the USA closed) and guess who I found ! 

    If you didn't guess who I found, I'll just tell you right now. It's....CHANDELIA ! (I mean obviously if you looked at the title.) I'm still in shock that I found her. !!!!!!!! And also that this is really happening !!!!!!! 

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  • Hans Accordion few dont have some Hot Choc

    One summer evening, Kooky Cookie and D'Lish Donut are talking about their summer plans and their summer bucket list. They talked about going to a shop-in movie theater, going on town, going out for ice cream, and tons of other fun stuff. Kooky Cookie said, "I've been wanting to go on a town this whole time! We should do it now!" D'Lish Donut says, "Great idea! Let's go to Florida!" "When shall we go?" Kooky Cookie asked. "We're leaving tomorrow," D'Lish replied, "But first, we have to get our potion, and drinking potions."

    The next day, the two Shopkins invited 14 others (Apple Blossom, Chatter, Bianca Boater Hat, Ice Cream Dream, Cindy Bun, Melonie Pips, Poppy Popcorn, Suzie Sundae, Buncho Bananas, Miss Pressy, Gino Gelati, Katie Skateboar…

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  • Hans Accordion few dont have some Hot Choc

    Hi, everyone. I just thought up this idea about 8 months ago. It's about that Moose Toys and Mighty Kingdom could make a new Shopkins virtual pet simulator app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Here are some highlights for this app:

    Moose Toys and Mighty Kingdom will soon make a Shopkins virtual pet iOS game that will allow you to collect and care for over 128 Shopkins and build your own Shopville! I think the game will be called "My Shopkins". This is the first time the Shopkins' new friends, are introduced, and they will help you with the tutorial. And the beta version of "My Num Noms", "Cutie Cars: Beepville Life" and "ObjectBloxia: Object World Life". This game is where Pakka Pets Village meets Furby Connect World. But first things…

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  • Hans Accordion few dont have some Hot Choc

    Well, honestly, i'm not blocking on. But i am Hans Accordion and i got some new toys of 5 packs!

    Have new fablous day! Check ya later! XP

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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    Soooooo... which Shoppies would you consider ‘randomly rare’? Like, the ones that seem common but are strangely hard to find in stores? Apparently Cocolette is one. I’m asking this because I came up with a theory concerning this and the pattern in each Shoppie’s eyes (particularly the coloured part). If I’m correct then it could lead to knowing which Shoppies are going to be randomly rare in future, but it’s probably just a coincidence. I think I’ve been watching too much of The Game Theorists channel on YouTube XD


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