• TheCrazyCoconut

    The four Dance Style Shoppies have been revealed!! I found these picks on Anthony_Parcard's Instagram (I don't have it, just able to access it on my computer. Here are the pictures!

    Crystal Snow is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love her hair, dress, earmuffs, just about everything! Easily my favorite, which I kinda knew was going to happen anyway XD.

    Unfortunately I don't like this doll as much as I wanted to. I was hoping that she would have a pretty sunflower dress and prettier hair (Seriously, can they do something other than straight hair to characters getting big dolls?). I was also hoping that maybe the ribbon dance theme would go to a full-sized Ria Ribbons doll instead. If they're nice enough, maybe we could get a wave 2 and feature Ria R…

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  • Dana2361

    Oh So Real Shopkins

    January 11, 2019 by Dana2361

    This phase of Season 10 brings us a collection of Shopkins in real branded packs. There are a total of 24 Shopkins and 24 Branded Packs. There are small color differences in these Shopkins. I like that they put a splash of color on some of the ones that were kinda plain. '

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  • TheCrazyCoconut

    So uh, has anyone noticed that there is A LOT of cupcake Shopkins? I'm not even exaggerating, there are so many I might as well make a list of cupcake Shopkins that I know of so far(and to help anybody who's asking the same question I am):

    1. Cupcake Chic(Season Two)
    2. Patty Cake(Season Three)
    3. Cupcake Queen(Season One)
    4. Creamy Cookie Cupcake(Season Five)
    5. Cupcake Princess(Season Six)
    6. Cherry Nice Cupcake(Chef Club Jessicake)
    7. Cupcake Petal(Chef Club Jessicake)
    8. Royal Cupcake(Season Five)
    9. Piñata Cupcake(Rosa Piñata)
    10. English Rose(World Vacation Jessicake)
    11. Princess Sweets(World Vacation Jessicake)
    12. Coco Cupcake(Original & SDCC Jessicake)
    13. Clover Cupcake(Lil' Secrets Season One)
    14. Havana Blue Cupcake(Fria Froyo)
    15. Corey Cupcake(Blossom Apples)
    16. Sally-Brate Cupcake(Makaella Wi…

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  • BunchoBananas18

    Hey, guys!

    January 2, 2019 by BunchoBananas18

    Hey, guys! It's me, BunchoBananas18. I know I'm not active anymore here, because I'm not really an SPK fan anymore, but I opened up my box of Shopkins again and while I didn't go through them like I used to, I remembered you guys here and wanted to drop by! What's new with Shopkins?

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  • Lpsgastly

    Shopkins: Wild The Game!

    December 25, 2018 by Lpsgastly

    Oh no! Scarletta Gateau has burned down Pawville! All of the shoppets are forced to retreat to the wild! But Pupkin Cake is counting on you to save Pawville and defeat Scarletta!

    ???: Hello? Are you there? Oh, my apologies. I’m Pupkin Cake!

    Pupkin Cake: But my city has burned down. I’m counting on you to help!

    Pupkin Cake: What’s your name?

    Pupkin Cake: (Name Here). Nice name!

    Pupkin Cake: Ok. Insert a house with this button. Then go to the shop and help another shoppet move in!

    Pupkin Cake: Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll have a happy city in no time!

    Pupkin Cake: Oh, and by the way,if you need my help, tap on my icon here.

    Pupkin Cake: See that slot there? That’s your piggy bank. You can collect coins and petbites there!

    Pupkin Cake: I’ve …

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  • AwesomeKidz


    December 21, 2018 by AwesomeKidz

    Ok, um, hi! Welcome to my blog!

    I am new to FANDOM, so bear with me please.

    I am starting a wiki soon!



    Awesome Kidz

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  • ZootyCutie

    Spider-Verse just released as Happy Meal toys, but the next ones are Shopkin-themed again! Seems like they always release for New Year's, don't they?


    The toys are out now! Here's a pic of the lineup, they look really cute!

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  • ShopkinzSurprise

    On this blog post will have all the new stuff that will be coming out in 2019. Some of the photos are from instagram and Snuggle Toys. This blog will have the newest stuff that will come out in 2019. Now there will be another one of these in February from Toy Fair 2018. Any questions will be answered. The stuff I will be showing is Spk Happy Places S7/ Shopkins QT Cars S5/ Shopkins S12/ Lil'Secrets S3. The photos are going to be Listings, Stock Photos and Easter Eggs.

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  • CuteCakeSweet


    December 1, 2018 by CuteCakeSweet

    I made a Shopkins Kahoot at

    The game PIN is 94589.

    Enjoy cracking which shopkin I am guessing!

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  • TheSnuggleKinz

    Hey everyone! We were opening the six Happy Places Lil' Pets packs that we got from Moose Toys (see our last blog post), and look what we found! It's the Limited Edition Bearicorn! This is #10 of only 10,000 that were made!  Have any of you ever found any Limited Edition Shopkins items? Leave a comment down below if you have!

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