Blocky Ice Cube is a rare Breakfast Shopkin from Season Six. She is included in the Banana Smoothie recipe.


Blocky Ice Cube: A little square but also very cool! A great friend to have on a hot day but watch out for the puddles she leaves behind!


Blocky Ice Cube is a lavender tray of ice cubes who is holding an ice cube in her left hand (depicted as her right hand in art).

There are no variants of her.


  • Her name is misspelled as "Block Ice Cube" on the online collector's tool.
  • Her CT art depicts her ice cubes as normal squares, while on her toy they are slightly rounded.
  • She and Small-Fry Pan are the only Season Six Shopkins (excluding Limited Edition) to not be food based.
    • However, Blocky Ice Cube does have ice cubes in her tray, while Small-Fry Pan has an egg in her pan.
  • Her static art colors in her cubes blue, while they are the same color as her tray on her CT art and figure. Despite this, the cubes she's holding are colored.


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