Berry Smoothie is a rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season Four.


Berry Smoothie: A real smooth mover who's all glass and knows how to blend into a crowd.

Updated Ultimate Collector's Guide Info


Cool and fresh

Favorite Color:


Best Friend:

Pancake Jake

Hidden Talent:

Can blend into a crowd


"Looks like it's smooth sailing!"


Berry Smoothie is an orange and pink cup with filled with an off-white smoothie. She is topped with a golden leaf, a golden strawberry, and two yellow straws, implying that she is intended for sharing.

Her variant is a red cup filled with a white smoothie. She is topped with a mint leaf, a strawberry, and two white straws.

There is an exclusive variant of her included in the season four re-release of the So-Cool Metallic Fridge. In this version she is a green cup filled with a chocolate smoothie. She is topped with a mint leaf, a chocolate covered strawberry, and two brown straws.