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(The episode starts with Lippy Lips hosting the beauty pageant.)

Lippy Lips: Hello! And welcome to the annual Miss Shopville Beauty Pageant Finals! The winner will be presented by our mystery guest! Let's meet the contestants! First up, Strawberry Kiss! This Sweet Treat miss hails from the fruit aisle and is a favorite for this year's Miss Shopville! Up next is, Kooky Cookie! This suprise entry takes the place of Spilt Milk, after a tragic fruit peaking accident. Let's wish her a speedy recovery! Now to our first event, the fashion show! Strawberry Kiss is looking fabolously fruity in her large louie discon hat! How will Kooky flow this up?

(Kooky tumbles into a white carpet and the carpet forms into a dress and a hat.)

Lippy Lips: What a showmanship! This could win her big points!

(Strawberry gets mad.)

Lippy Lips: Onto the question round! If you had one wish in the world, what would it be?

Strawberry Kiss: I wish I could meet Katy Berry! She's amazing!

Lippy Lips: Who wouldn't? Now Kooky, what would you wish for?

(A green pea fell out of Strawberry's hat.)

Kooky Cookie: Peas!

Lippy Lips: World peace! How selfless! And with that, I think we have our winner! The tiara will be presented by our last year's Miss Shopville! CUPCAKE QUEEN!!

(Cupcake Queen appears behind the curtain.)

Cupcake Queen: Congratulations, Kooky on winning this year's pageant!

(Kooky grabs the fallen pea.)

Strawberry Kiss: Oh! Peas! *laughs* Thank you, Kooky! Here, you deserve this! *puts the tiara on Kooky's head*

Cupcake Queen: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)