Bag Charms are the Special Edition Shopkins introduced in Season Eight. It features various tourist attractions and travel items. Each Shopkin is slightly smaller than standard, and most of them come with a tied-on phone clip. The characters are made to stack on top of each other as well.

Season Eight Wave One

Season Eight Wave One Bag Charms Shopkins include:

Season Eight Wave Two

Season Eight Wave Two Bag Charms Shopkins include:

  • Hai Lantern
  • Bondi Bathing Box
  • Zen Temple

Season Eight Wave Three

Season Eight Wave Three Bag Charms Shopkins include:

  • Scotty Skiddo
  • Teenie Taxi
  • Pammy Passport
  • Chico Pyramid
  • Flash Camera
  • Lana Luggage


  • Every Shopkin in the first wave of this team has an official artwork, which is a first for Shopkins teams.
  • Some bag charms in the blind bags of 12 packs have no phone clip.